Gunblader Week 5

I meant to start this little devlog earlier, but here we go. Still no proper design document so I can't discuss much about future plans yet, just that the game's mechanics are heavily inspired by older browser-based games, and modern retro games like the original GTA and FTL.

I made some good progress last week on the visuals, so decided it's time to bite the technical debt bullet early and start the tutorial system.  Something that usually gets tacked on at the end of development, I'm doing upfront as a lot of the systems created I will need for future quests.

The ship's Owl co-pilot, Casowly will do much of the explaining of the basic game systems, but should be fairly intuitive and merge with the initial quests available.

More updates in the following weeks, I'll hope you'll join me in this game development adventure!

While this initial build is designed for mobile touch screens, it can still be played with a mouse, give it a whirl:

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