Gunblader Week 6

This week will mainly consist of designing the story and possible events as well as defining a development road map.  My goal is to complete the first round of development by September 2021, and then see if I can apply for any grants to continue development to help bring the game to market (mobile, pc and console).  I've been getting a lot of good feedback regarding the art style, so I don't think I'll deviate from this look unless I can think of an easy way to produce assets that also enhances the look.

The current prototype build includes:

+ Improved UI.

+ First pass at pathfinding for the AI.

+ Controllable Turrets/Hoverboard prototype.

+ A 'boarding' event.

+ Individual crew sprites.

I'll also be adding the RPG battle element, so battles in exploration mode will be a little more slower paced than the space combat.  I plan to implement some sort of base defence system, where you have to guard an area from alien invaders for a set amount of time.  This'll take the form of away missions for your crew, and reward you with goodies on successful completion.

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