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Shard War

Elfs, Druids, Dwarves and Knights, oh my! · By Squax


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Shard War: New Fighter Companion Unit, Warrior
Added a new Champion minion: The Warrior, she has slightly higher HP than the Fighter and is a lot more agile. Asset credit:
Shard War: Champion Minions
Have been playing with the concept of Champion Units being able to randomly summon other special units in battle. First up is the Dwarven Golem, he packs quite...
Shard War: New BG Art and UI
Worked on some new backgrounds for the different locations tonight: New stats displayed on the Champion Selection screen as well as any Shard Bonuses:...
Shard War: Netcode for GameObjects
I decided the prototype could use a little realtime magic! Having previously used Mirror/FishNet I decided to take a small risk and try out Unity's newest multi...
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Shard War: New Dwarven Champion
Added a new Unit: Dwarven Miner Champion, has a powerful knockback strength and some chunky HP Dwarven art pack by:
Shard War: VFX
Small update today: a VFX toggle effect, for disabling the post-process effects, saves about 12 draw calls so might be good if your computer is a potato like mi...
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Shard War: UI improvements
Lots of small UI improvements, as well as a new World News system that reports on any deployed player armies. Registered as well, and the game serv...
Shard War: Multiplayer Addition
I've been working on a multiplayer, battle replay system. At the end of each successful battle you can choose to deploy your army for a small Shard cost. This d...
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Please post any issues here. Thanks :)
started by Squax Dec 02, 2022
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